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Here at Focus Readers, we strive to combine the best elements of library books and classroom materials. Like all good library books, our titles feature captivating topics, accessible text, and vibrant visuals. But our books are also well suited to differentiated instruction in the classroom. Thanks to our five reading levels—Scout, Pioneer, Beacon, Navigator, and Voyager—Focus Readers books are perfect for a wide range of readers.

In addition, nearly all of our levels feature engaging quiz questions that help teachers track students’ comprehension. To further support instruction, additional content is available on this website. We offer lesson plans, activities, links, and other resources related to each title.

The Focus Readers staff is dedicated to building reading confidence and motivating young readers. We’re really excited about the books we’ve created, and we look forward to sharing them with you.


Nick Rebman
Senior Editor


Learning About Life

All living things grow and mature. Young learners might see this process in their pets, backyard gardens, and new siblings. But the process looks different for each species. In Life…

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Helping the World Around Us

With climate change being felt more than ever this year, people are increasingly looking for ways to help their planet Earth. Thankfully, there are many actions that people of all…

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How Computers Are Getting Smarter

We live in a smart world. From smart speakers, to smartphones, to smart TVs, artificial intelligence is all around us. But are computers smarter than people? A 2020 Junior Library…

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